Communicating with our loved ones is always a priority for us. With all the services being offered to today, it’s quite hard to choose what to use.

I came along this service though that truly understands our need and its called

It lets you send and receive messages to and from your loved ones anywhere in the world using your cell phone or your computer at a relatively cheap rate. It offers services and payment options that will suit any lifestyle; there are unique services for personal users, marketing people and business men.

About is operated by Upside Wireless Inc. which is a provider of solutions to text messaging for more than 7 years now. It enables businesses and individuals to communicate thru text messaging.

Availing LoadnTxt

To use, you just have to set up an account in the website. You can click here to open an account; all you need is a working email. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be receiving a welcome email, just click on the registration link and your account will be activated. Once activated, you’ll have free credits so you can try and test the services and see if its right for you.

Sending and Receiving Messages

Sending text messages is easy once you’ve activated your account. Just log in to your account, enter the mobile number of the one you’re going to contact in the “To” line, type in your message and your good to go. Replies to your messages will automatically go to your Inbox. This is the standard way of sending and receiving messages but it has been made more convenient by these other services:


1. Instant Messaging— send messages right in your desktop so there’s no need for you to log in to your online account;

2. Cell phone – You can opt to send messages from your phone so even if a computer is not readily available or there is no internet connection, you can send important messages easily;

3. Email — Use Microsoft Outlook to send messages so it’s as easy as sending an email.


1. Receive messages in your cell phone — Instead of just receiving replies in your inbox, you can also choose to forward them to your phone, this is very convenient if you are always on the go and you need to read important messages;


The rates of sending and receiving messages actually depend on the number of credits you are going to buy. There are two options on buying credits, you can choose pay-as-you-go/pre-paid scheme and you can also avail of the monthly subscription which I think is more cost efficient for frequent users. Payments can be made using major credit cards, pay pal and money order.

1. Pay-as-you-go – these are the prepaid rates:

Minimum Purchase

Price Per Message

50 Messages

US$ 0.15

100 Messages

US$ 0.12

451 Messages

US$ 0.112

1501 Messages

US$ 0.105

2. Monthly Subscription Accounts — there are three subscription options that you can choose from. You can make the choice depending on how frequent you’re going to use the service.

Subscription Lite

Subscription Basic

Subscription Advantage

Each month you will receive:

  • 75 outgoing SMS
  • 150 FREE incoming SMS
  • Automated monthly billing

Each month you will receive:

  • 150 outgoing SMS
  • 1000 FREE incoming SMS
  • Automated monthly billing

Each month you will receive:

  • 400 outgoing SMS
  • 2000 FREE incoming SMS
  • Priority customer support
  • Automated monthly billing

US$14.95 per month

US$24.95 per month

US$49.95 per month

What’s good with subscribing is that you have an automatic saving in the cost of sending and receiving messages of up to 50%. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your

credits expiring since your unused credits for outgoing messaging will be carried over to your account on the following month. Another good about subscribing is that you automatically receive priority customer support and you get to avail of special periodical discounts for credits.

3. Marketing Accounts this is a type of account that is most suitable for marketing and advertising professionals. What’s unique in this account is that it offers a fully automated web interface that allows the subscriber to upload lists, develop and run effective SMS campaigns. Subscribing to this type of account costs US$199 for the one time set up fee plus the regular per message rate.

4. Corporate Accounts corporate accounts let business reach their partners, employees and clients anywhere in the world. It makes doing business a lot easier. Click on the link to find out more about the service.


  • is good for those who have hard times using mobile phones and are more comfortable using computers when communicating or vice versa since they can choose to send or receive messages either way;
  • There are several options on buying credits so you can avail of it using the most cost-efficient means that will suit your messaging style;
  • Another good is that allows you to receive important emails in your phone so you still get to read important messages whenever you’re on the go!
  • Aside from personal accounts, you can also set up marketing or business accounts, something that is not offered by a lot of other service providers.


Set up an account and avail of the free credits, and see if this is the right service for you.

The more credits you buy, the lesser each message costs!



Address: Upside Wireless Inc.

535 Thurlow Street, Suite 503

Vancouver, BC, V6E 3L2


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