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I got a message from Joahnna, a Filipina in France, introducing me to .

500 milyong katao sa buong mundo ay nakikigamit ng internet sa cybercafes. Jooce ang kanilang bagong tambayan sa internet.

Currently, jooce is available in Tagalog and is being introduced in the Philippines hoping to allow internet users who either do not own their own computers or who move a lot from one computer to another, to easily organize their digital lives. We’ve got a lot of Pinoys like this.

It’s not common to find the Philippine Flag fourth on a line-up of 17 flags on a spiffy website. Joahnna tells me the Philippine flag is fourth on the list because of the huge number of Pinoy “nomads” — Internet users moving from one cybercafe to another.

Ano nga ba ang Jooce?

Jooce, the online desktop that ensures your files follow you wherever you go, has been created with the “cyber-nomad” in mind. By allowing users to store files online – and manage them from their very private, online desktop – a jooce account means you can access your online life from any computer and any internet connection anywhere in the world.

“Whether you are at the library, in an internet café, using your parent’s computer at home or on your laptop in your dorm room, with a jooce account, all of your files are stored online and a just a mouse click away,” explained jooce CEO, Indiana University alumni Stefan Surzycki. “And the best part is, it’s free.”

How can OFWs use this service?

  • Use Jooce to store and organize files online and come back to those same files when you login back to Jooce on any other Internet connected computer . It’s like having your own “desktop” organized just the way you want each time you come back to your Jooce account.
  • Use Jooce to email, chat, surf from one Jooce interface
  • You can keep photos or videos via Jooce and share selected files to the rest of the word.
  • Jooce Screenshot

Check out this video of Jooce and see what you can do with more Jooce.

I like the spiffy interface but I’m having trouble getting in. Visit Jooce and let us know if it works for you. 🙂

ka edong
Jooce ko po!

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