Filipinos are spread out throughout the world like oxygen makes up our atmosphere. With over a

fourth of the country’s populace migrated or working in different countries, wouldn’t it be a plus for them to get the best in overseas calling services which are readily accessible and affordable? The Poketalk web service allows you to call your friends, loved ones, and colleagues from anywhere in the world and it’s for free. The service is easy to use.

Steps on availing the Poketalk call service:
1. Just visit their website in their homepage.
2. Fill up the online forms on how you can register for the service.
3. A confirmation email will be sent to your email account for verification.
4. And you’re done. Just enter your landline number and the destination number you want to call, and you are all set.

Poketalk is not actually a telecommunications provider but a medium for connecting your calls. It’s a revolutionary website allows you to enter your phone number and the phone number you wish to call to, and you will automatically be connected – just follow this link and you will automatically be redirected to a page where you can enter your details.

Advantages of using the Poketalk service:
The Poketalk calling service provides you with a free service for some countries within their list of free service. Another good point is that there are no adapters needed or equipment required for you to avail of the service, all you need to have is an active landline number and the service will connect you right there and then. The service also has some value-added services attached to it like Blogs, facebook updates, even twitter articles for you to know about the latest and greatest tips on enjoying your Poketalk experience.

Downsides of the Poketalk service
Although the Poketalk service has some really great upsides, the service really has a downside like the limits

of its service. Unfortunately Poketalk only supports a list of free destinations. To get more destinations, you have to avail of a premium account and you are charged with a minimum rate per minute for your call transaction.

Regardless of this Poketalk promises to be one of the best and latest services in the telecommunications world. Since the introduction of this latest offering, calling around the world has been more easier.

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