It’s interesting how my friend Lem has setup ways to communicate between their US counterparts and their Philippine office.

One  of the systems they setup allows them to receive fax messages via email. The fax messages are sent to a US fax number and received as TIFF or PDF files to a designated email address.

This Internet Fax works very well for Lem because they do a lot of “documents hauling” from the US to the Philippines.

How can an eOFW use this service?

This can be convenient for OFWs sending copies of documents to the Philippines. Businesses will find this handy. It enables Philippine-based businesses to have at least a fax-presence in the US.

Cost of receiving US fax messages via email:

  • Set-up fee – $0.00
  • Service fee – $9.00 per month Or $99.00 per year
  • Receive Free 200 pages per month.  $0.05 per page for additional pages

Read more about the Internet Fax service at

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