The trend nowadays in the electronics world is – “Go wireless”.

Since the Invention of the Infra-red television remote control in the 1980’s, humans have found a multitude of ways to make life easier by removing the limitations of wires, cables,

and lines. And since the internet is one of the latest trends to boom in today’s electronic market, Smart launches another wireless innovation.

On March 12, 2009, the telecommunication giant Smart launched SMART Bro Share It, the country’s first broadband device, a device capable of launching multiple computers in a common area in an affordable, cheap, yet high quality internet access.

“Desktop computers and laptops have become more affordable, and more families are now able to purchase them for use at home. SMART Bro Share It will allow them to fully and efficiently maximize the use of these computing devices,” says Danilo J. Mojica, head of SMART’s Wireless Consumer Division.

What is Smart Bro?
Smart Bro is Smart Telecommunications company’s flagship Internet carrier, capable of providing high-speed, cable broadband to computers nationwide. The Smart Bro signal courses through various broadband transmitters and can run speeds in megabytes. The Smart Bro Share it allows simultaneous connections of computers into the Smart HSPA network to interface with the internet.

What is the Smart Bro Share it router?
The Smart Bro Share it router is specifically designed for houses wherein there are a lot of computers attempting to connect to the internet. With one Smart Bro share it router, a multitude of computers can connect using one Internet connection.

How to avail of the Smart Bro router


• One-time Router Fee: P2,500
• 1st Month subscription fee: P999
• Total initial payment: P3,4999
• Monthly Service Fee: P999

Usage Rates
• Free 90 hours per month on actual per minute charging
• In excess of the Free 90 hours, you will be charged P0.35/min

• Fill up an Application Form
• Submit proofs of Identification
• Include proofs of Address (Billing Statements)
• Submit to any Smart Center

Pros and Cons
The Smart Bro Share It brings portable internet to a whole new level. Some best parts of the service include portability. Just bring your Smart Share it router to anywhere with a Smart Signal, and you’re all set.

The speed is great, but don’t

expect some really fast downloading or youtube surfing, as the router only performs based upon the signal’s strength.

Unfortunately the product does not work if you surf beyond the Smart Bro coverage area, meaning if you go out of the broadband signal area, it won’t work. Nevertheless, the Smart Bro Share It is one gadget most electronic buffs should be having.

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