Filipinos are social people. They always find ways to connect, to talk, to communicate with others of the same walk of life. For decades, Filipino OFW’s and families have struggled with typing with the keyboard, and chatting over Internet m

essengers, with which some have expressed difficulty n doing so.

Enter Smart telecommunications latest innovation in the field of Telecommunications – The Smart Plug ‘n’ Talk device.

The Smart Plug ‘n’ talk is essentially a mobile USB communication device that allows the user to call or text any Mobile phone number anywhere in the Philippines through an Internet interfaced PC.

What do you need?
The Smart Plug ‘n’ talk works mostly with a PC, so you will need the following:
• An internet-ready PC
• A functioning USB port
• An Internet connection.

Although this device promises to operate speedily, it would be definitely recommendable that you have a PC that has a minimum capacity of 1.4 GHZ processing speed and 512 MB of Ram to ensure that the connection works in its optimum setting. The setup allows the user to experience superb voice-to-voice calls and fast text messaging service anywhere with a PC internet connection, with this in mind, it is also important to consider that you should be connected to the internet with a minimum of 256 kpbs bandwidth speed to make certain that the connection remains stable.

What it is? What it does?
The Plug ‘n’ talk device essentially is a mobile Sim Interface that allows your PC to connect via the Internet through a Sim card that lets you access your mobile identity account. Once this is done, the plug ‘n’ talk can now allow you to send text messages and to call cellular phones and landlines within the Philippines. And because Smart allows you to access this service via the Internet, anybody who’s anybody can use this service anywhere in the whole world, provided an Internet connection is available.

The device allows you to call and text using rates in the Philippines so don’t worry about high rates, and operating costs, the Plug ‘n’ talk gives you the benefits of Smart Mobile Phone without the hassles of Roaming Charges, and prepaid fines. With this service around, OFW’s get to experience Smart’s mobile services as if they are in the country themselves. They get the same low-cost services as if they are just operating the device within the Philippines. Calls are charged with Php6.50 per minute, and Php1.00 per text message sent.

The Smart Plug ‘n’ talk is available at selected Smart Centers nationwide and abroad. The Kit is available for only Php 1,800 per activated device and comes with a free Smart Sim module and earphones/microphones. Recently, the device has been made accessible to OFW’s by selling the communication device in the Ninoy Aquino International airport (NAIA) and the Mactan Airport in Cebu, a big plus since the Device is geared towards the overseas Filipino workers who depart the said airports on a daily basis.

Pros and cons
With over a half of its population working and living abroad, it is a good indication that Smart mobile technologies have conceived of this truly remarkable device, now, OFW’s get to experience the efficiency of getting connected to friends, colleagues, and family who have Smart Mobile phones. The device is easy to maintain, and is small enough to fit in your pocket for easy transporting anywhere.

This gadget although portable enough to bring with your laptop anywhere, it still needs to be plugged into an internet connection. It’s simple as this – No net, No talk. Aside from this, in order

for the equipment to work you need to load it with prepaid credits; there’s still the hassle of going out and purchasing call and text credits.

Overall, the Smart Plug ‘n’ talk provides options that let you choose between the costly roaming option and this online wonder. This cheaper alternative will truly be a pioneer in the online communication industry.

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