One of Globe’s pride is their easy to understand and easy to use services and products. As one of their first subscibers in the country, I can attest to that when it comes to their local services. And now they have extended this kind of service to Filipinos abroad.

Globe is one of the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. They provide reliable communication services to Filipinos here and abroad.

Globe Kababayan SIM Cards
The Globe KababayanSIMcards are

roaming ready and they are available at Globe Kababayan Retailers.

These are sim cards that OFWs can pair with specific local sim cards so they can make calls or send text messages to their loved ones in the Philippines at low rates. These SIM cards have free P50 load and has a zero maintaining balance.

When in Hongkong, you may use a CSL Kumusta ka Kababayan SIM and avail of these rates:


HK$0.1/6 sec on weekends
HK$ 0.125/6 sec on weekdays
HK$ 0.50/ international text

On the other hand, your loved ones, using a Globe or TM SIM card can also call you at your CSL SIM and avail of these low rates:


  • P2.50/min using Globe’s tipIDD card
  • P0.50/sec using Globe’s IDD sakto calls

For OFWs in Taiwan, they may avail of the

OK! Kababayan SIM.

Rates:(Taiwan to Philippines using Taiwan Mobile OK! Kababayan SIM)

  • Calls: NT$ 4.50/min
  • Texts: NT$ 1/international text

(Philippines to Taiwan using Globe/TM cellphones)

  • Calls: P5.00/ min using Globe’s tipIDD card
    P0.15/sec min using Globe’s IDD Sakto calls

Singtel Kababayan SIM are available at Singapore

Rates: (Singapore to Philippines using Singtel Kababayan SIM)

  • Calls: SG$0.16/min
  • Texts: SG$0.05/ international text

(Philippines to Singapore using Globe/TM cellphones)

  • Calls: P5.00/ min using Globe’s tipIDD card
  • P0.15/sec min using Globe’s IDD Sakto calls
  • Text: as low as P.50/international text to Singtel Kababayan SIM

If you’re in Malaysia, you can avail of a Maxis-Hotlink Kababayan SIM

Rates: (Malaysia to Philippines using Maxis Hotlink Kababayan SIM)

  • Calls: RM0.50/min
  • Text: RM0.15/internation text

(Philippines to Malaysia using Globe/TM cellphones)

  • Calls: P5.00/ min using Globe’s tipIDD card
  • P0.15/sec min using Globe’s IDD Sakto calls

Loved ones in the Philippines can also send text messages to Globe Roaming SIMs at P1.00 per text

Globe tipIDD Card
The Globe tipIDD card can be used to make phone calls to your loved ones abroad. Aside from the countries mentioned above, you can also use this card to make international calls at these rates:

  • P2.50 / min to US, Canada and Hong Kong
  • P5.00 / min to Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea
  • P8.00 / min to Italy, UK, Australia, Thailand and Japan
  • P10.00/ min to Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • $0.40 / min to all other countries

These cards are available at P100, P25 & P50 and these can be bought at any Globe authorized dealer nationwide. The instruction on how to use the card is indicated at the back. but if you want more information, just click on this link.

Globe IDD Sakto Calls
This service is ideal for short calls since the call from the Philippines is being charged by the second. It is easy to avail of this service, the caller from the Philippines dials 12800+country code+areacode+phone number. The rate is P.15/second. You can avail of this service when making calls to these countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Hawaii
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • US

Just click on the link for international toll-free numbers.

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