The 155 years of banking leadership of BPI is a clear proof of its reliability and credibility in providing services to Filipinos worldwide. From the vast array of their products and services comes a new addition which is definitely OFW-friendly; the BPInoy Remittance. This service is fast, safe and easy to avail because of the bank’s reliable overseas remittance offices and several alliances.

BPInoy Remittance

Sending Money

  • Overseas Offices — Sending money is simple. Just go to any BPI remittance office that are strategically based in the US, Italy, UK, Spain and Hong Kong. Step 2 is to fill up the remittance application form, enclose your money order or cashier’s check, pay the corresponding fee and then you’re good to go.BPInoy has a total of 28 remittance offices in the US, 5 in Italy and 2 in U.K. Then there’s one in Barcelona, Spain, and 3 offices in Hong Kong. The exact addresses of these overseas offices are listed on their site.
  • Remittance via mail (U.S. Overseas Office) — If you are in the US and don’t have the time to visit their offices, sending money was also made easier since you can send it to their office through mail. All you have to do is fill up the remittance application form which can be downloaded from their site, enclose with it photocopies of 2 valid IDs together with the money order or cashier’s check and then send it to any remittance office in the US.
  • Tie-up Companies — if you are located somewhere else, well, BPInoy can still cater to your remitting needs since they have tied-up with other companies all over the world just so they can reach more Filipinos, especially to those who are located in the following countries: Australia

    | Bahrain | Cambodia | Canada | France | Germany | Guam | Ireland | KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | Kuwait | Lebanon | Oman | Palau | Qatar | Saipan | Singapore | Switzerland | Taiwan | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States of America.

Receiving Money

This remittance service gives the sender a number of options on how they want their money to be remitted. There are 4 convenient ways of remitting your money to the Philippines:

  • Direct Credit to Account — with BPI’s more than 1,300 ATMs nationwide, this is probably the fastest and safest way since the recipients in the Philippines can immediately withdraw the money from their personal account. This is so hassle-free since all they have to do is visit the nearest BPI ATM.
  • Branch-Pick-Up — your beneficiary can also choose to just claim the remittance proceeds from any BPI or BPI Family Bank Branch nationwide.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery — well if you want to surprise your loved ones with your remittances or to save them the trouble of going to the bank, you can choose to have your remittances delivered to their doorstep. Those who are in Metro Manila may receive it within 24 hours while provincial residents may receive them from 48 to 72 hours.
  • Credit to Other Bank’s Account — BPI can also forward your remittances to your beneficiary’s bank account in another commercial bank if they don’t have an account with BPI. The funds will be forwarded to the bank’s head office within 48 hours and it will then be credited to your beneficiary’s account.

Service Fee

BPInoy service

fees depend on how you’re going to send it, although fees for US$ to Php remittance usually range from US$7 for direct credit to US$13 for door-to-door delivery in a provincial address. Visit the BPInoy website for a complete list of fees.


What’s good is that remitting your money through BPInoy is already an assurance that your hard earned money will reach your beneficiary safely. Also, when you choose to remit through direct credit to account, you and your beneficiary will receive a free update on the status of your remittance through text and email.


Visit the BPInoy’s site’s main page where you’ll also find their contact page, contact details of specific oveseas offices and International toll-free contact numbers.

If you have questions about BPInoy, you can email:

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