Landbank Easy PadalaThe LandBank of the Philippines has a set of remittance services that leverages the presence of their Land Bank offices in foreign countries such as Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, Kuwait and the US. Their remittance service is hinged around being able to transfer funds from a local LandBank account to a foreign currency LandBank account.

Two notable services, the iCheque and iWires, allow OFWs to control the issuance of cheques and wire-transfer via their online accounts.

About LandBank EasyPadala

Easy padala is another e-banking innovation from the Land Bank of the Philippines, one of the leading and stable development-oriented financial institutions in the Philippines to date. Easy Padala gives the Global Filipino like you the total security you need while availing for remittance services on-line. Easy Padala esnsures that your hard-earned money reaches your loved ones on a near real-time basis wherever you may be. This is the ultimate banking convenience you deserve from the bank that has a genuine heart for the LAND and for its PEOPLE.

Sending Money

  • Bank to bank transfer by maintaining a local and foreign currency account with Landbank
  • iSweldo – manning agencies can pay salaries working outside the Philippines via I-Sweldo. Requires a local and foreign currency account with Landbank.
  • iACH – allows US residents to transfer money to the Philippines via account transfer using the Automated Clearing House network.
  • iCheque – remitters can issue cheques which are sent to correspondent banks for remittances processing. Available for US residents only.
  • iWires – web-based wire transfer service let’s you send money to the Philippines via SWIFT of your own bank.

Receiving Money

  • Through a Philippine Landbank account

Delivery Time

  • Almost real-time

Remittance fees

  • No information at time of visit to website

Customer Support


  • The web-based wire transfer is an interesting service as it puts the wire-transfer in the hands of the account holder.
  • iCheque can come in handy as well when OFWs in the US need to issue cheques to Philippine recipients.

Not Good

  • Limited information on their website.
  • The flagship services (iPadala, iSweldo) requires having a local and foreign currency account with Landbank.


  • Use the Land Bank services if any one of their International branches is accessible to you.

LandBank remittance companies and representative offices overseas (reference: Landbank flyer)

  • LBP Remittance Co.
    8215-A Woodman Avenue
    Panorama City, California 91402
    Telephone Numbers (818) 989-2720 / 2861
    Fax Number (818) 989 – 2783
    Contact Person : Ma. Cecilia C. Abante – Manager
  • LBP Financial Services SpA (Rome)
    Via del Viminale 8, Int. 2, Scala
    00184 Rome, Italy
    Tel. # (3906) 487-0676
    Fax # (3906) 487-2214
    Representative Officer: Ms. Elsa A. Lim
  •  LBP Financial Services SpA (Milan)
    Via Torino, 1520123
    Milan, Italy
    P.I, Ec. F 0502618007
    Tel. # (3902) 8969-4459
    Fax # (3902) 8969-4972
    Representative Officer:
    Mr. Manuel J. Bonifacio
  • Japan
    LBP Tokyo Representative Office
    Rm 302, 3F Roppongi Heights
    4-1-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku
    Tokyo, Japan 107 1060032
    Tel (813) 3582-2186
    Fax (813) 3582-2978
  • Singapore
    LBP Singapore Representative Office
    #17-02 Robina House
    1 Shenton Way, Singapore 068803
    Tel (65) 6324-4298
    Fax (65) 6324-7110
  • Taiwan
    LBP Taiwan Representative Office
    10F No.216 Tun Hua South Rd.,
    Sec 1, Taipei City
    Tel (8862) 2 721-6525
    Fax (8862) 2 731-6370
  • United Arab Emirates
    Abu Dhabi Desk Office c/o The Philippine Embassy
    Villa #7, Alfalah St.,
    Madinat Zayid, PO Box 3215
    Abu Dhabi
    Cellphone no. (0097150) 5162508
  • Kuwait
    Kuwait Desk Office
    c/o Al Ansari & Behbehani Exchange
    Al Enma’a Tower, Abdulla Al Mubarak St.
    Mirqab, State of Kuwait
    Tel 00965-2400803
    Fax 00965-2401161

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