Landbank and Smart have a partnership that allows OFWs to send remittances via a Smart Cellphone while the recipient withdraws the remittance via Landbank cash cards, all in an instant. Ayos!

[June 7, 2007/ Manila] – Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) will soon enjoy the benefits of a faster and more efficient mode of sending money back home. Landbank recently unveiled the Landbank Cash Card for OFWs, its newest remittance and financial product developed in partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART).

Under the partnership, Landbank OFW clients and beneficiaries will have access to a faster and more efficient remittance system that runs on the Smart Financial Services Hub, Smart’s mobile commerce platform. The mobile remittance service allows the OFW to send funds home using the mobile phone, with the beneficiary receiving the funds at the speed of a text message.

The Landbank Cash Card for OFWs was unveiled during “Biyaheng Pinoy: Isang Pagpupugay”, a tribute to OFWs held in celebration of Migrant Workers’ Day.

To demonstrate the convenience and speed of the service, a fund transfer originating in Bahrain was shown to Landbank officials in Manila via webcast. During the transaction witnessed by Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain Hon. Eduardo Pablo Maglaya, a Filipino worker in Bahrain used her cell phone to send funds to a relative who attended the Migrant Workers’ Day celebration. The relative then withdrew the remittance at an ATM set up at the venue.

The ATM withdrawal highlighted how relatives of OFWs who are cash card holders can withdraw money remitted to them from any of Landbank’s more than 700 ATMs, and over 7,000 affiliate ATMs of Expressnet, Bancnet and Megalink nationwide.

The Landbank Cash Card for OFWs will not only enable cashless purchases in participating establishments, but will also serve as an ID card and a welfare card for the OFW, allowing deductions representing the OFW’s monthly contributions to the Social Security System, Philhealth and PAG-IBIG.

The leader in wireless innovations, Smart has been in the forefront in promoting mobile commerce services in the Philippines like its award-winning Smart Money, the world’s first electronic wallet card linked to a mobile phone. In 2005, Smart also launched the world’s first mobile phone-based remittance service called Smart Padala for Filipino migrant workers.

Source: Smart News Room

Back in June, “Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) will soon enjoy the benefits…”
I wonder how this service is going along now…

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