LuckyMoney offers more than just remittance. In addition to the processing of money remittance from the US, Lucky Money Inc. also allows the sender to write messages and place a call to the recipient free of charge.

Aside from the usual money transfer service, Lucky Money gives its customers a chance to get in touch with their friends and families in the Philippines. They can now write messages and call their loved ones for five minutes. This comes free when you send money using Lucky Money

remittance service.

Lucky Money Inc


Lucky Money Inc., one of the leading Pinoy money remittance service in the US, Canada, and United Kingdom. It was established in 1991 by Filipino-American Rene Medina, who's vision of secure, fast, and reliable way of sending was realized through Lucky Money. To date, there are over 90 branches and agent locations in the US. Adding to the original Filipino market, Lucky money is now providing its services to Latin American countries. Plans for global expansion are now in the works.

Sending Money

Lucky Money Inc. (LMI) offers online remittance, over-the-counter through LMI locations, or through mail.

  • Online remittance is just as easy as checking your email. Just log on to their website,, create an account, and you

    can now automatically transfer funds from your U.S. or international bank issued Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

  • Non-techie people can also send money by remitting over-the-counter thru one of Lucky Money branch or agent locations. No need for credit cards, just use cash to send money quickly.
  • Or for those who always on the go and have no time to go to one of their offices, you can remit by mail. Just download and print the remittance form and mail the accomplished form. Enclose a copy of your valid photo ID.

Receiving Money

  • The money can be received through 24-hour door-to-door service. Lucky Money offers door-to-door delivery to Metro Manila and selected provinces. The money is delivered within 24 hours after the money is reflected in Lucky Money's account. 
  • They also deliver through bank-to-bank in major commercial banks. This can be done by online credit to beneficiary (Peso) account, or, for those who do not have an existing bank account, by telegraphic transfer. Banks credit the recipient account within 72 hours from the time the transaction is received. A confirmation notice will be mailed to the beneficiary upon validation receipt of the designated bank.


What's good about using Lucky Money, aside from the free five-minute call and message, is that they offer a competitive exchange rate and low service fees. Fees start at $3.50 per transaction. Exchange rate is determined at the time of transaction initiated by the sender from the US, Canada, and UK.

They also offer tracking and real-time status updates. Tracking is available via Lucky Money's website or through their 24-hour customer support via chat or toll free hotline: 1-800-SUWERTE (1-800-7893783). Also worth mentioning is their user-friendly website, which allows one to send and track their respective transactions.

Not so Good

One limitation, however, is that Lucky Money has a ceiling price of $1,000 for money transfers in US and only $500 remittance in Canada and UK, using our online remittance service. This excludes the service fee and other optional charges.


For more information visit the Lucky Money branch or agent nearest you or contact:

Lucky Money Inc.
1028 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Toll Free:

Direct Line:
(415) 864-8367

Fax No.:
(415) 864-2606



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