The M Lhuillier group of companies is a company which provides special financial services such as Instant Loans, Jewelry and Asset Mortgages, Money Transfer, Personal and Health insurance, Telecommunicatio

ns credit transfers, Food products sales, and a worldwide courier service. However what we are going to talk about today is the recently added “International Money transfer” program that is now starting to boom within the OFW communities and their families.

Recently, Moneygram International – a Leading global payment services company – has

joined M Lhuillier to provide a more efficient way and scheme for OFW’s to send Dollars to their families and dependents in the Philippines.

With this recent collaboration between the two financial companies, Filipinos living or working abroad can now send and receive dollars to and from 176,000 money transfer agent locations in 180 countries within ten minutes and without the need for a Bank Account or Debit account. This service allows remittances to arrive on time when you need it, where you need it.

In Michael Lhuillier’s words – Vice president of M. Lhuillier group of companies and Official spokesperson of the Administration – He stated in a press statement that Filipinos “are a resilient people. In this time where families are scrimping down on expenses, we give them options – options to transfer their dollar at lower rates. They can save money.”

He also reiterated that “We pioneered domestic money remittance services in the Philippines, and now we’re also the first to offer such MoneyGram money transfer services 24 hours a day to the Filipinos. We’re not really just a pawnshop and in fact we’re delving into insurances also and hopefully in the future, it is part of the wish list to transform M. Lhuillier to a savings bank.”

The partnership between these two money-sending companies aim to lower the transfer costs of sending money to the Philippines, as the partnership also allows OFW’s to avail of this offer in Moneygram branches around the world.

M. Lhuillier, founded and established in the 1930’s, has a huge and growing Network of over 1,200 outlets countrywide providing monetary advances, pawn brokerage and an extensive selection of money remittance services. While MoneyGram, on the other hand provides and offers money transfers, cash orders and payment dispensation solutions for monetary institutions and clientele globally. The joining of these two huge companies will provide a more efficient way for Filipinos to transfer dollars from abroad to the Philippines.

Contact details
NCR/Luzon Office:
Heart Tower Condominium,
108 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel.: (02) 813-7004 to 07

Visayas/Mindanao Office:
ML Bldg., Benedicto St.,
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 232-1894

Call Free: 1-800-1-888-7004

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