Have you ever tried asking for money from your Parents who work abroad to pay for your Tuition Fees and school allowances? What if this happens?

You go to school, and you find out that your exams are scheduled three days from today. You check

your tuition balance; you have a big amount to pay for. You check your wallet; you are running low on cash. You quickly run to the ATM and rapidly pull out your Debit card. You punch in your pass code; press the button that calls up your accounts current balance – It says you have insufficient funds for withdrawal.

Your mind rushes in a state of Panic, as you start to call up friends, your grandparents in the province, your siblings, your boss in your sideline job, unfortunately, none of them could spare you enough money to pay off your tuition fee balance. You call your Dad; he answers the phone, and agrees to send it to your Bank account in the Philippines after an hour. You breathe a sigh of relief. After 2 hours of waiting for the bank transfer to arrive, you carefully filled up a withdrawal form and gleefully walk to the teller.

Unfortunately, after checking for your fund transfer to check-out, the teller notifies you that the transfer takes at least Five days to clear. With a frown, you leave the bank, out of ideas, and frustrated, you return to school, file a promissory note, and then head off to the library to read your lessons with a heavy heart.

Such are the predicaments that are faced by Filipino Students who are sons and daughters of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Due to some small transfer connection problems between local banks and offshore banks, remitting money could take as long as 45 banking days to work. When you are faced with this problem, now is a good time to try out MoneyGram International.

What is MoneyGram?
MoneyGram International, Inc. is a USA-based monetary and financial services corporation, based and established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has supplementary offices and branches in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Lakewood, Colorado, and international offices in over 170 countries. MoneyGram International presents products and services via a system of mediators and financial institution patrons.

Originally a Subsidiary of American Express, MoneyGram now operates independently. MoneyGram International provides money transfer services, money and check orders, and bill payment services to customers.

How to Send Money?
1. Look for a MoneyGram agent within your vicinity
2. Go to that agent. Don’t forget to bring some personal identification with you.
3. Complete a “Send Money” form.
4. A reference number will be given to you.
5. Call the recipient of the money and give him the reference number to be able to collect the money sent.

How to receive Money?
1. Contact the Person who is sending you the money.
2. Go to the nearest MoneyGram outlet nearest your vicinity
3. Complete a “Receive Money”, present your ID’s, and receive your money.

Find the Moneygram office near you.

Why Use moneyGram?
MoneyGram is one of the top Money sending facilities online. Why?
• MoneyGram delivers fast service. All it takes for the service to transpire is 10 minutes.
• With over 170,000 branches and agents worldwide you can be assured that there is a MoneyGram close nearby to assist you.
• The service does not require you to own a debit card or credit card.
• All it takes is for you to sign up forms, and provide Codes and Passwords.

Find out the cost of your remittance here.

MoneyGram can be availed at some of the big-name companies throughout the Philippines like SM, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, and LBC to name a few. Overall, MoneyGram is a money sending service that indeed works with you to provide you efficient service amidst global financial crises. It is nice to have a working solution like this so you won’t be facing cramming times in paying your

balances and fees.

MoneyGram website: http://www.moneygram.com
MoneyGram Philippines: English site, Tagalog site

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