Send money to the Philippines and be delivered within 24-48 hours in major cities through New York Bay Remittance (NYBR)!

No need to go to the NYBR offices to remit money to NYBR. Simply call NYBR to transfer funds to your kapamilya in Pinas. Credit Card acceptable to be able to transfer funds or send the money through mailing it to NYBR. Or through Fax.

Kapamilya accepts the money through different delivery method. Door to Door in major cities for 24-48 hours or to Smart MOney Card, reloadable card that lets your kapamilya withdraw money in just a minute. Another method, funds be withdrawn to any ATM or to Banco De Oro (BDO) Cash Card.  Kapamilya can also pick up the money at BDO bank  from over 224 locations in the Philippines.

New York Bay Remittance (NYBR) agent locations in Banking Departments are available in  New York, New Jersey , Maryland , Virginia , Florida , Texas , Georgia , Louisiana , and Nevada and also in the states of Alaska , Arkansas , Oklahoma. And even in Europe and in Middle East.

NYBR transfer the funds with a FREE message and FREE proof of delivery. Fees varies depend on the recipients location.

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