I’ve been wanting to compare remittance services for a long time. What are the Philippine remittance services, their differences, advantages and disadvantages, key features?

But I haven’t had the time to do the much research.

So I’m throwing this comparison table into the wild and will allow the public to access it and even edit it (as soon as I figure out how to allow that). I’m uploading it so that I (and you) can update the comparison table when I have any additional information.

Check out the Philippine Remittance Services Comparison table (warning: work in progress).
Having trouble accessing the table? Just leave a message below or send me an email: eofw at edongskey dot com .

To do: Find a way to share this remittance table to the general public, something like a Spreadsheet Wiki.

Update (Oct 21): I checked Google Spreadsheets today, they now have a feature where visitors can edit the spreadsheet. This is what I was looking for. So take it for a drive and see what you can learn from the spreadsheet and what you can contribute to the comparison.

ka edong
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