Pinoy Express aims to make the lives of OFW’s and their loved one easy and hassle free. Aside from the remittance service PinoyExpress offers other innovative services. The payment service allows OFWs to pay for obligations in the Philippines without needing ask their relatives to make the payments. They even have a service that lets you request for any reasonable delivery for any occasion. Read more about PinoyExpress and the special services tailor-fit for the OFW’s needs.

Pinoy Express


Pinoy Express was established primarily to address the needs of OFWs for a fast, reliable and hassle-free remittance service. Its founders were once OFWs themselves and they’ve experienced the difficulty of working abroad but not being able to send money back home just because remittance service was not readily available. When the company was set up about 20 years ago, remittance was just a door to door delivery service, but PinoyExp ress was always in search of innovations that could help them enhance their service. They soon computerized their system, using electronic mail for their transactions. And now, the company has gone a long way, employing the latest technology in the field, which is tele-remittance.

Sending Money

Money could be sent through the usual way of bank deposits, money order or pick-up arrangements, although funds can also be remitted using the latest technology today like fax, email or even text messaging. And if that is not convenient enough, then a computerized system and procedure can be used wherein one does not have to line up or fill out forms again and again. They also have worldwide offices that are strategically located for your convenience.

Modes of sending money are actually categorized into 3:

1. Convenient modes of payment:

  • Bank deposit, to include e-banking
  • Postal Money Order
  • Salary Checks (where accepted)
  • Zahlschein Payment Slips (in Europe)
  • Pick-ups , where authorized, can also be arranged.

2. Latest information technology for the transfer of information:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • SMS (text)

3. Computerized systems and procedures:

  • Transactions done in minutes, no need to line up or fill out (again) forms.
  • Fast response to inquiries and complaints.
  • Scanned copies of delivery receipts and deposit slips, as requested

Receiving Money

  • Door to Door Delivery – a fast and safe way to send money back home. The funds remitted will be credited in the nearest PinoyExpress office and will then be delivered to the beneficiary. Read more advantages of Door-to-Door Delivery »
  • Pick-up Service – the beneficiary in the Philippines can arrange for a pick up service with the nearest delivery office. What’s good with this service is that it can be set even after office hours. Pick-up can also be arranged with BDO offices, SM stores and ONB (News on BDO, SM, and ONB pick-up).
  • Bank Deposit – funds can be credited to any online bank or to any other bank within delivery areas.
  • Cash Card – funds can be credited to a cash card which was co-branded with BDO. This is so convenient since funds can be remitted immediately and the card can be used as a debit card when you go shopping. Aside from this, confirmation of remittance can be done through your mobile phone.
  • Tele-Remittance – remitting funds and confirmation of transaction can also be done using the cell phone. Funds may be collected in cash centers.

Other Services

  • Payment Service – OFWs usually have obligations back home, insurance, loans and bills. Loved ones at home however are also busy with other activities and may not be able to make the payments. Availing of the payment service assures the sender that his bills are paid strictly in compliance with his instructions.
  • Cash-a-Lubong – an OFW can remit funds abroad and have it delivered to him right at the NAIA terminal 1 or 2. Thus, there is no need to rush to change foreign currencies.
  • Special Request – what an overseas worker probably miss the most at home is the celebration of special occasions. Now, they can also take part in such occasions by sending to their loved ones flowers, greeting cards or even food.
  • Marketing Representative – this service is especially helpful for business owners in the Philippines who want to market their products to Filipinos abroad. PinoyExpress will distribute flyers, brochures and the like abroad, they can also provide the remittance service for the company. Come to think of it, this is also beneficial to OFWs since they will have access to Philippine products and services.

Service Rates

The service charges for these convenient ways of sending fund are competitive enough. In Singapore, bank deposits to EQP costs 4SGD, for other online banks however, the cost is 5SGD. Door-to-door delivery charges on the other hand range from 7SGD for Metro Manila addresses to 12SGD for far provinces. You can click on this link for a complete list of service charges; just indicate there the country from where you are remitting funds, services charges.


PinoyExpress’ services are flexible and are really meant to provide convenience to

OFWs abroad and to their loved ones. The special services that they offer lessen the burden that OFWs feel when they are already far away from home.

For instance payment of bills makes paying easier for Filipinos working abroad. With this kind of service, our kababayans can even make investments in the Philippines without having to worry about the hassles of paying it once they go back abroad. Modes of paying bills are the same as that of sending money so it’s convenient as well. The latest however in bills payment is the use of Pinoy Express-BDO Cash Card since it lets you settle bills just by texting.


Main Office:
2F SBC Building,
President Avenue, B.F. Homes,
Parañaque Metro Manila

Makati Office:
1011 Westgate Plaza,
De la Costa St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City, Philippines

Email Address:


Contact Numbers:
Telephone Numbers
+63 2 772-3619
+63 2 772-3621
+63 2 772-3622
+63 2 772-3623
Fax Number
+63 2 772-3618

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