Easy to Use! Online to offline international money transfer service that delivers your money to the Philippines, FREE!

With fast, secure and inexpensive means of sending money from different countries: Argentina to far places like Vietnam to the Philippines. Sender sends money online. Recipients do not need a bank account in order to receive the money or an Internet connection.

How to send money at Xoom.com?

Sender enters name, address, and the amount specification. Then Xoom process the transaction through PayPal and will send to the Philippines Bank, the Equitable PCI Bank. Sender can pay or use his/her card or checking account. After the process, money can now be delivered to the Philippines, to your home, picked up in Equitable PCI Banks or to the recipient Bank Account.

With Xoom.com. money can be send online, funds guaranteed safe, no bank accounts required for the recipient, direct deposit to bank accounts.

Easy to use for it only needed an Internet connection and you can send money to the Philippines, anytime with free delivery!

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