Keeping up with an average monthly remittance can sometimes be a burden. You don’t know when “the need of an extra money” is going to occur. And the worst, it always happens at a bad time, either the salary hasn’t come through to your account yet or it falls on a holiday or weekend which obviously means that offices are closed. When this thing happens, I bet you wish that Genie does really exist to grant at least one of your wishes and that is “make those figures appear on my account N-O-W or get the bank open to attend to your request”.


Xoom Global Money Transfer

From my personal experience when I was still working abroad, bank and door to door padala transactions are not the best option when put in a situation that your family needs the money now – as in right now. Simply because this kind of padala transaction takes about 2-3 working days and could sometimes get delayed for some reasons like you have sent the money just before the cut-off blah blah blah! So what happens next? Nothing. All you could do is wait until the next working day comes. And another days of waiting for the recipient to finally receive the money.

Well, those days are gone. A lot of promising establishments now offer money transfer services. One good example is Western Union. I have also tried their service and I give them thumbs up for that. There’s just one thing that sometimes makes me think twice to use this medium, the sending fee, which I think is a bit costly. I guess for someone who tries hard in making the ends meet, this isn’t a practical option.

What comes next? Look for a better option.

Nowadays, Xoom is no longer a secret. It has already established a name especially around the blogosphere. Some bloggers use this online tool for withdrawing their blog earnings and I happen to be one of them. For every $100 (If I am not mistaken) that I transact, Xoom charges me $7 which isn’t bad at all and you get to hold of the money in just two minutes. Here’s a proof, a screen shot of the transaction I made with them a  month ago:


I suggest that when you send the money through Xoom, do it during the working hours (if you need the money right away) so you’d get to enjoy the fruit of their one click 2-min service. Fast enough? Okay, make that 10 minutes including the time going to the pick-up location. Talking about pick-up location, Xoom has a total of 1,986 pick-up locations, while other disbursement options are as follows:

Bank Deposit ($3.50) – to BDO, Equitable PCI, Metrobank, PCI and the latest addition was PNB where the deposits are also available in just few minutes.

Xoom Partners With PNB To Offer Bank Deposits in Minutes! Our latest partnership now brings unprecedented speed in bank deposits to the Philippines. is now partnered with the Philippine National Bank (PNB), one of the largest and most trusted banking institutions in the Philippines, to provide bank deposits that will arrive in recipient’s PNB accounts in just minutes. PNB recommends for online remittance to PNB accounts. “PNB is always on the lookout for strategic alliances with partners that will further improve our banking services to OFWs. The revolutionary Xoom online remittance service assures seamless cash transfer to their beneficiaries’ PNB bank accounts,” said PNB President and CEO Omar Byron T. Mier.

Home Delivery ($3.50) – same day delivery or delivery within 24 hours to Metro Manila. Delivery is also available to many other provinces (deposits are available within 1-2 business days).

Sure, I also had a bad story experienced with Xoom, but that’s another story. The most important thing was Xoom was able to help me get my money when I badly needed it. By the way, I’ve also used Xoom many times while I was still an OFW through the help of a friend who was holding a verified PayPal account back then. I would normally send the funds from my PayPal to hers (coz I had unverified PayPal at that time), then she Xooms it to my family member in the Philippines.

So, why spend so much in sending money to your lovedones? Make things simple. Xoom it, you’ll love it!

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