Remit2Home is an online money transfer service that currently caters to the US-Philippines corridor. They feature a flat rate of $5 for Online-ACH sending.

Sending Money

The OFW sender has two options to send money. One is via credit card. Another option is to use a service called “Online-ACH”

An Online – ACH at Remit2Home is paperless as the remittance is completely web-based. In the United States it is carried out via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) facility whereby you directly debit your existing US bank account and credit our account.

It is an instant facility with Remit2Home. You no longer have to wait for your US bank account verification for transferring money. Simply provide your bank account details and book a transaction. The moment your account gets verified, money will be transferred automatically, thus saving your valuable time and effort.

How An Online – ACH Benefits You Paperless, totally web-based Remittance status Tracker to know the exact status of your transfer. Send up to $ 500 or equivalent in your currency

Receiving Money

  • Bank Account Credit
  • Cash Pickup
  • Cash Delivery

Delivery Time:

  • 2-10 working days depending on sending method (Online-ACH +3 days), delivery method (2 days for cash delivery) and delivery address (up to +7 days)

Remittance cost:

  • For remittance amount of $50-$500, transaction fee = $5 .
  • For Credit Cards an additional 3% of the remitted amount would be charged

Customer Support:

They have a live chat service for customers who need support.

Remit2home claims to have the best Exchange rates.


  • flat rate of $5
  • Instant customer support via chat

Not Good:

  • Delivery time of 2 to 10 days. 10 days is too long, too late da hero.
  • Limited to US-Philippines

Visit their website for more details.
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