No delivery charge and low flat rate, online method of sending money to the Philippines by using Internet from any computer. Money will be delivered to your family right at their doorstep or deposited directly to bank accounts.

Remithome present this offer to all Filipinos working abroad. For a flat rate of $10 or less and a competitive exchange rate which is posted daily, sending money is easy and can even saves your time and money.

The more money to be send to the Philippines, the more money to be save. How? Sending large amounts to other services has more fee. You can send large amounts but have to pay more but in Remithome, will only charge you a flat rate. Recipient will not pay for delivery fee, door-to-door delivery, or even saves money by reducing fee if sending regularly to multiple recipients regularly.

For example, if you will send money regularly, lets say three or more recipients at the same time, instead of paying $10 fee, it will be $8 per recipient transfer.

Recipient receives money to the Philippines door-to-door or to any major bank in the Philippines. At no extra cost.

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