Through PNB’s program Global Filipino, sending money to the Philippines has never been so fast and secured at the same time. The Philippine National Bank, having the largest worldwide network offers efficient service by delivering remittances in a flash. Aside from text alerts sent to beneficiaries, you can also track your remittances online. In addition, with PNB, it’s not just money that you can send. You can also pay bills as well as send packages with imported items for your loved ones. Plus, you can have Big Time Privileges just by availing of the services.


Sending Remittances

There are several ways through which you can send your remittances to the Philippines. Primarily, you can send it via any PNB Overseas Branch or Remittance Centers located worldwide. Also, PNB has correspondent bank partners through which you can send remittances. Internet and phone remittances are also possible. If you are located in Hong Kong, you can even remit at any 7 Eleven outlets. For Japan and Singapore, you can send remittances through post, and if you are located in U.K., you can send remittances through your mobile phone. You can also use Xoom for remittances. For a complete list of sending options, click here

Claiming Remittances

With PNB, your loved ones back home need not have an account with PNB. With several remittance outlets in the country, they don’t have to go to banks or malls just to claim remittances. They can even claim money thru gcash, Cebuana Lhuillier and many more.

Unique Services

Tracking Remittances

PNB offers a unique service which allows you to track down your remittances. Aside from the Remittance text alert that the beneficiary will receive, the sender can also track the status of his/her remittance online. Just click on the link, enter the transaction reference number and you will be immediately notified of your remittance’s status.

Big Time Privileges

All remitters are qualified to avail of Big Time Privileges. All you have to do is enroll your Global Filipino Money Card (GFMC) in any PNB Domestic or Overseas Branch. Upon enrollment, you will be asked to update your profile and then you may start earning points for every transaction you make with PNB. For every eligible remittance transaction, regardless of amount, you will earn 3 rewards points. The rewards catalog will be made available to members and they may exchange their points for items in the catalog.

Pasalubong Now Boarding

With PNB, it’s not just remittances that you can send, you can also send packages with imported items for your loved ones. Now you can rest assure that your packages are safe and they are insured for up to $500. However, as of the moment, this service is still initially available in Arizona, California and

Nevada. You may call 1800-888-8888.

Bills Payment

PNB can now assist you with bills payment. Now you don’t have to worry about bills not being paid back home. You and your loved ones can relax. For a complete list of billers, click here


Complete business address Customer Care

Service Quality Division

Philippine National Bank Financial Center

Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City

Philippines 1300

Telephone numbers

For Remittance, eBanking and other telephone banking services (632) 573-8888

For Lost/Captured ATM Cards

(632) 526-3336

(632) 573-4245

24 Hour Hotline

(632) 526-3201

For other ATM concerns (632) 526-3335 or


For other concerns (trunkline) (632) 891-6040 to 70

For Consumer Loans (632) 526-3411

(632) 526-3474

(632) 526-3490

(632) 526-3131 Loc 4511/4512


ATM locations

Overseas branches

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