More results from the ADB study entitled: “Enhancing the Efficiency of Overseas Workers Remittance”

General issues raised in measuring remittances include:

  • Lack of common definitions for overseas worker population
  • Lack of common methodologies of measurement
  • Lack of common definitions for formal and informal
  • Lack of data on transfers through informal channels
  • Importance of field surveys to supplement and capture data not collected by central banks
  • Recognition of field study limitations and potential for target groups to give biased perspectives on OFWs and OFW behavior
  • Importance in collecting data for permanent, temporary and irregular workers for a broader view of remittances/transfers and migrant population
  • Better recording and disaggregation of data are important for enhancing information systems and improving the recording of remittance flows.
  • Need for collaboration and cooperation among agencies and countries for a common framework for measuring remittances

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