Xoom Corporation is an online-to-offline international money transfer service that caters to different delivery methods. The service offers secure, fast and inexpensive means of sending money from their website to offline recipients in a growing list of 20+ countries including the Philippines. Recipients do not need to have a bank account nor an Internet connection to receive money.

OFWs can fund a money transfer by entering your bank account details, credit card details or through your Paypal account.

Beneficiaries can receive money through Bank deposit to Any Bank (Partner banks receive the money more quickly within a few hours), cash pickup or home delivery.

Bank Deposit

Xoom users can send money to ANY bank account in US dollars or Philippine Pesos, usually within the same banking day sent. Deposits are even faster with partners banks BPI, Equitable PCI (now acquired by BDO) and Metrobank.

Cash Pickup

Xoom.com is convenient for OFWs who are Internet connected but whose relatives still rely on traditional means of receiving remittances (door to door or cash pickup).

This is good considering that Xoom has developed their network of 1,800+ pick-up locations including 400 BDO-EPCI branches, 280 BDO On-Site branches, SM Forex counters at 30 SM Malls, 1136 Cebuana Lhuillier locations and 60 One Network Bank branches.The network is not (yet) as big as the Western Union network, but it is rather wide.

Home Delivery

Home Delivery to Metro Manila in 1–2 days from the time the remittance is sent. Or, 2–3 days to provinces outside of Metro Manila. Delivery is done through Express Padala – a subsidiary of BDO-EPCI.

Other details
An interesting feature of Xoom.com is “Ask for money”. I don’t know, I guess I’m not comfortable blatantly asking for money 🙂 . But hey, a clear bottom-line is so much better than beating around the bush (“mahaba man ang prusisyon…”).

There are some Xoom.com sad stories, though. One report over at pinoymoneytalk.com speaks of canceled transactions. If you have stories about Xoom, do share in the comments area below.

Here’s the deciding factor: Xoom.com rates are cheaper than Western Union. See the comparison of fees for different amounts.

To learn more about Xoom.com’s service, visit www.Xoom.com . See How Xoom Works, or their Frequently Asked Questions.

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