We often hear parents tell their kids “Don’t talk to strangers”. An update for this generation is “Don’t text to strangers” especially if the stranger is texting to ask for money!

I received many comments from visitors reporting of text messages designed to fool victims into losing their money. The victims receive text messages announcing that they won a contest … BUT that they need to send some money to claim the price. Ah, it’s a classic scam but I’m sure many people still fall for this.

Here’s a sample message:

CONGRTLTIONS!!!You Have Won 300th\HONDA JAZZ Last Dec 20,2007 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4details ds is GELBERT PEREZ of Phil.Com.Center.

A reader explains the modus operandi of this group:

i too was almost a victim of this sparco international company, they indeed informed me about the hilux and 300 thousand prize tax free and all you have to do is send money through western union for registration and insurance. the girl whom i talked with used the name of Diane Sanchez and told me to call jaime khan and they instructed me to send the money to a guy named ken lapus as a representative from the acctg. dept to do the transaction with the insurance company and thanks to owen’s testimony, I did probe some questions and they even gave me a landphone number 032-251-1321 as their office number located at 288 Lopez building, Sergio Osmena Blvd cebu 6000. Jaime khans number is 0910793-3318. I searched any info about sparco first and I saw this. Buti nalang hindi nila ako nabola.hehehe The National Beureu of Inestigation shld. Take note of this and do some legal actions.

What does this mean for OFWs?

  • Inform your loved ones, let them know these crime is real.
  • Stay vigilant, don’t be fooled by smooth talking or smooth texting strangers.
  • Protect your privacy and your money. Always probe when strangers ask for your number or your money.

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