An “evolving” email scam is targeting prospective overseas Filipino workers heading for Berlin in Germany, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday.

The DFA said the scam appeared to be a variation of the one involving Markel Power International, which was uncovered earlier this month.

Philippine Ambassador to Germany Delia Albert advised Filipinos to be “very cautious” of recruitment emails that claim to involve “Power International companies.”

Albert told prospective OFWs not to pay a single cent to complete the recruitment process.

She said two Filipinos had contacted the Embassy via email to verify the authenticity of one Maleko Power International and Moss Power International, allegedly in Hamburg and Dortmund.

“These Filipinos received emails telling them that they were being hired through an employment agency allegedly based in Messina, Italy,” the DFA said.

But a check showed Maleko Power International does not exist in Hamburg, while its address showed a wrong postal code. It also has no phone and fax numbers, and its website was purely in English.

The Embassy suspects the new scam naming Maleko Power International and Moss Power International “is the same fraudulent entity Markel Power International” as their websites are identical except for the names and addresses.

Markel had advised job-seekers that for their recruitment to be completed, they have to pay €70 through Western Union to an employment company based in Monza, Italy.

The DFA said it will bring the matter to the attention of the departments of Labor and Employment and Justice, the Philippine National Police and the Commission on Information and Communication Technology.


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