Personal computer in forexworld delivers in the Philippines with FREE 1 Box diskette, Liquid Cleaner, Dsk Cleaner, PU Cover, 15″ Glass Filter.

The PC is Winpower Premium P4/2400 Power Computer package includes
Intel P4 2.4GHz microprocessor, ASUS P4S-333 M/board, 256MB DDRAM PC266, 64MB GeForce2 mx400 4x AGP Controller,  40GB Hard Disk, 7200 RPM, 60x CDD, 1.44MB FDD
ATX Case, Keyboard, Mouse, AVR LG Stereo Speakers, and 15″ Color Monitor for USD$900.00. offers the options to upgrade the 15” to 17” Color Monitor for $40.00 or the US Robotics 56k Internal FaxModem for $40.00. Otherwise the additional 256MB DDRAM PC266 $100.00 or additional 256MB SDRAM PC133 USD 45.00.


MasterCard and Visa Card accepted in

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