Here are some of sites that let you send Christmas gifts to the Philippines even though you are miles away.

☺ Loves to own a Shih Tzu Real Puppy? And a lots of gifts to send.

☺ Gift Baskets, Fresh Flowers, Cakes & Pastries and lots more..

☺ Send infant necessities for your baby and other gifts.

☺ Baskets full of surprises to give.

☺ Grant her wishes to add her collection of Angel figurines?

☺ Send money to Phils through Smartmoney Card?

☺ Or try ikobo card:

☺ Farm fresh roses to your parents or to your wife.

☺ Loves Lechon?

☺ You want him to have SM gift certificates or Pizza Huts?

☺ Want them to have this Santas Snack Pack in Christmas stockings with Chocolate treats of different shapes and Christmas bouquet of red and lilac roses surrounded by greenery?

☺ Send a personalized gift.

☺ Assorted gifts for Christmas to be send.

☺ iPODS for your teens.

☺ Toast and Bite Basket available here…

☺ Wants to add their collection of wines?

☺ Loves cooking?

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