Yes, this blog is for Overseas Filipino Workers and their families.

There is a soft spot in my hear for OFWs. I believe it started when I first went to Hong Kong in 2000. I realized how many Filipino mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters leave their families in the Philippines to make a living in a foreign land.

This is my little contribution to OFWs and their families. A little blog in this corner of the world which will attempt to inform the global Filipino about services that cater to your needs.

I will focus my writing around two main themes: financial services and communications services for the OFW and their families.

There will be articles about financial services like remittances, savings, investments and maybe even entrepreneurship.

I will also write about communications services such as IDD rates, VoIP services, Internet communications, chat and other upcoming means of communications.

Many of my stories will be technology oriented. Thus eOFW or “electronic” OFW.
I may be just one person. But I am one person. And any difference I can make will be a difference nonetheless.

ka edong

eOFW is not related in any way to the companies featured in our articles except otherwise specified. We feature different companies for the information of our readers to help them better find services that suit their needs.

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