Here’s an interesting service from Globe:

Call any Globe or TM phone using a computer outside the Philippines for only P7.50 per minute.

G-Webcall accounts are open to Globe post-paid subscribers. G-Webcall users can place calls from a computer to any Globe/TM phone anywhere in the world. G-Webcall uses Voice Over IP (VOIP).

An OFW can avail of this service by asking a relative, say Tito Boy, with Globe post-paid accounts to register . Use Tito Boy’s G-Webcall account to place calls from a computer in a foreign country. The call charges (P7.50 per minute) will be reflected in Tito Boy’s Globe post-paid account. It’s up to the OFW to settle the phone bill with Tito Boy through remittance services.

Not bad considering that normal IDD rates are usually around USD 0.20 (around Php11) per minute.

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Try out ! Let me know if it works for you.

ka edong

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