One of the first things we tried to find out when we moved to Singapore was a cheap, and convenient way to call home.  For our first few weeks here, we relied on our cellphone’s international roaming when exchanging updates with our families back in the Philippines and as expected our cellphone bill shot through the roof for that month from roaming charges.

For an OFW in Singapore, it has more advantages to subscribe to SingTel rather than Starhub because Globe offers P1so-per-text and P7.50/minute calls to SingTel Mobile using the 12801 prefix.

Another alternative is PC-to-PC, or PC-to-phone calls.  If your family in the Philippines have broadband at home, then PC-to-PC calls is the best alternative because it’s free!  Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype all offer free PC-to-PC calls and the software can be downloaded free.    You can even do video chat if you’ve got a webcam.

Yahoo and Skype also offers PC-to-Phone calls at USD 0.149 and USD 0.228 respectively (Php7.45 and Php11.4) from anywhere to the Philippines.  From our experience, Yahoo, though very much cheaper, has quite a significant lag in calls compared to Skype which was very clear.  A quick google search of Skype vs Yahoo showed however, that quality of calls vary depending on where you’re calling from.  So if you’re in an area where Yahoo offers decent call quality then good for you!

How do you call home?  Maybe you can share your experience with us.

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