I was at my friend’s apartment-office the other day. I tried to use my Lem’s phone to call a Manila number but I couldn’t connect. He later explained that the phone I tried to use was a US telephone with a US telephone number! He had a VOIP phone connected to his Bayantel DSL Internet connection!

To demonstrate, he called up one of our friends in Chicago and we talked on the phone. The voice quality was excellent, as if we were just talking to a friend around the corner. Sweet!

There was some additional hardware required, the size similar to a PDA. It was connected to an Ethernet port and then to the telephone handset. It required an internet connection to function of course.

Cost of the hardware: P4,500

Cost of VOIP calls to any number in the US and Canada: P1 / minute .

I asked my friend Lem how he got his VOIP setup. He found a VOIP phone via eBay , contacted the VOIP consultant to install the hardware (note, Lem’s hardware is different from the eBay item). Dexter Co, the VOIP consultant, had to go to Lem’s residence to install the hardware and configure the VOIP.

For inquiries, contact Dexter Co at Tel.: (001)425-906-3400 Cell.: +639279922895 .

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