In a previous article, I described how Filipinos can get Unlimited calls to the US, Canada and European countries via Vonage. It described how to make unlimited calls to specific countries: US, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the UK and Puerto Rico.

How can OFWs in other countries use this Vonage service and reap the benefits of unlimited calls? Here’s how …

My friend Lem uses Vonage for his business. He now has three Vonage lines in the Philippines each having their own US telephone numbers.

Lem has a relative in Australia, let’s call her Ploning. From Australia, it’s cheaper for Ploning to call the US than to call the Philippines. Ploning uses a call card to call the US at low-cost.

Therefore, instead of the Ploning calling Lem on his Bayantel or PLDT telephone (around ~US$0.20/min), Ploning calls Lem on his Vonage US phone number (less than US$0.02/min). Ploning saves as much as 90% on her IDD calls when she calls the Vonage US number which Lem answers in the Philippines.

Now Ploning and Lem are able to telebabad all they want!

Wherever you are in the world, there’s probably a way to call the US that’s cheaper than to call the Philippines. Use the cheaper call rate to call the US phone number (Vonage) located in the Philippines. (Read here how to get a Vonage phone for your relatives in the Philippines). Then you can keep in-telebabad-touch with your relatives back home in the Philippines.

ka edong
ang guegma mo, Ploning

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