It’s a potential Skype or Vonage killer, and a wonderful way for Filipinos in US and Canada to communicate with their family back home.

Magicjack is a service that lets anybody in the world make unlimited phone calls to the US and Canada for only $20 per year. Magicjack is currently offering a free 1-month trial which guarantees your money-back if you’re not happy using Magicjack.

To use the Magicjack, simply plug any household phone, plug the magicJack into any USB port on your internet-connected computer, and pick up the phone and talk for free anywhere in the USA and Canada!
It’s simple and it’s amazing and my lola will love it! 🙂


I have to say, their website has a very strong marketing pitch. The service was featured by many news agencies in the US, the device is being given away for a free trial in schools and technology expos.

How much?

Magicjack lets you make unlimited calls for a flat-rate per year, whereas Skype and Vonage offer per-minute charging for PC-to-phone calls. Your first investment of $40 is for the purchase of the small device inclusive of 1-year license to make unlimited calls. On the second year, the license will cost only $20 (only 800 pesos-es!) for unlimited phone calls to or from the USA and Canada.

Will Magicjack work well in the Philippines?

As long as you have a good broadband Internet connection in the Philippines, I think it will work wonderfully! The free trial is only available for residents of the US and Canada. A relative in the US/Canada will need to order the device there. The device can be sent to the Philippines for use with any internet-connected computer in the Philippines.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if enterprising Filipinos would start selling the magicJack here in the Philippines over or

That’s great way for Pinoys to connect via phone calls between the Philippines, the USA and Canada.
Visit for more details.

Do you know of Magicjack users? How did they find the service, what was their feedback?

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