When I first wrote about SmartLink in 2006, it was a nascent technology that catered to seamen making calls from anywhere on earth, even while in the middle of the largest oceans of the world.

The latest offering is a Smart Link Netphone.

Smart Link Netphone - connecting the offshore Pinoy Seaman to his family onshore

Smart Link Netphone - connecting the offshore Pinoy Seaman to his family onshore

Simply put, Smart Link Netphone allows Pinoy seamen to call their loved ones in the Philippines (or any country, for that matter). The OFW family will receive the call via VOIP on their internet connected computer.

The Netphone software – sometimes referred to as “softphone” – can be downloaded from the Smart Link website.

SmartLink Netfone

SmartLink Netfone

Here are a few clippings from the Smart Link website:

With SMART Link NetFone, you can call from anywhere in the world with your SMART Link SIM Card! All you need is a computer with Internet connection, and the SMART Link NetFone application downloaded and installed into your computer*!

  • Use it to call wherever you are in the world – as long as there is a computer with internet connection.
  • Free and easy to download and install into your desktop computer or laptop.
  • Use the same SMART Link SIM and load you use for your SMART link satellite phone terminal at sea. Now, you’ll only need ONE SIM whether at sea or on land!
  • Affordable call rates to the Philippines for as low as P6.50 per minute! No connection fees and hidden charges!

Click here to register your Smart Link account.

SMART Link NetFone Frequently Asked Questions

SMART Link NetFone Service Terms and Conditions

Visit the Smart Link NetPhone page at http://smart.com.ph/smartlink/whatsnew/netfone.htm ;
Telephone: (+632) 5112643

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