I believe that a large part of an OFWs budget goes to paying phone bills.  Its really hard being away from our loved ones and talking to them is the best way to cope.  With a wide array of communication services available, calling home is now easy.  What’s challenging however is finding a communication service that addresses your needs and fits into your budget.  Well you might want to check out Aspen VOIP ’cause it allows you to make unlimited calls to the Philippines or from the Philippines to the US or Canada.

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<a href=”http://www.aspen-communication.com/corporate.html”><strong>About ASPEN Communication Inc.</strong></a>

Aspen Communication Inc is a Filipino- operated company which started providing PinoyCalls service in mid 2003.  The main office is based in Phoenix, Arizona and their office in the Philippines is located in Ortigas, Pasig City.  They also have offices in Tokyo, Japan &amp; in Hongkong.
What is VoIP</strong>

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a technology wherein a phone is connected to an adaptor, this adaptor is in turn connected to the internet.  Your voice is basically being transferred through the internet by the internet phone adaptor.  Aspen has a Telco partner here in the Philippines and they are the ones through which your loved ones receive your calls.

<strong>Unlimited Calls</strong>

How can you make <a href=”http://www.voipphilippines.com/”>unlimited calls</a> with aspen VoIP?  Once you subscribe to Aspen VOIP, your family in the Philippines will receive a VoIP adaptor.  This will then be connected to the internet.  Once connected, they’ll be given a dial

tone and you’ll be able to call them using the adaptor’s US or Canadian number.
Basically, its like calling to a local number, that’s why you can make unlimited phone calls.  This service is being offered at an introductory price of 34.00USD per month.


•    Unlimited local and long distance calls <a href=”http://www.aspen-communication.com/DirectDialing.html”>anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and *five European countries</a>
•    Voicemail
•    3-Way Calling
•    Call Waiting
•    Enhanced Call Forwarding
•    Caller ID with Name
•    Call Return


What’s good about this service is that your family in the Philippines can also call you anytime.  Unlike other communication service provider wherein only those abroad can make the calls.

Also, you can stop worrying about going over your budget since you have a fixed subscription fee.
Aspen also provides <a href=”//www.aspen-communication.com/support.html”>support </a>for the adaptors in the Philippines, so you can rest assure that your adaptor’s technical problems can be resolved and in cases where they malfunction, you don’t have to chip them back to the US.
If you have technicl problems with the adaptors, you can just visit their site and leave your message.  They also provide technical support through phone, email, live chat &amp; online support page.

<a href=”http://www.aspen-communication.com/contact_info.html”><strong>Contact</strong></a>

Email:  info@aspen-communication.com
Email Available 24 hours
Mailing Address Aspen Communication Inc.
2525 West Beryl Ave Ste 304
Phoenix, AZ  85021    MSN Instant Messenger Accounts
<a title=”aspencustomerservice@hotmail.com” href=”mailto:aspencustomerservice@hotmail.com”>aspencustomerservice@hotmail.com</a>
<a title=”aspentechsupport@hotmail.com” href=”mailto:aspentechsupport@hotmail.com”> aspentechsupport@hotmail.com</a>

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