My 25-year-old pamangkin in Los Angeles, Gino, has found a way to
(1) communicate regularly with his brother Cram in the Philippines through unlimited calls and
(2) earn an additional revenue stream for their Internet shop in the Philippines.

Let me tell you how.

a.) Gino subscribes to a service via . The service gives him some hardware which allows the user to make unlimited US and Canada calls via the Internet. Basically, the device is plugged into an ethernet (LAN) port, then a regular phone handset is plugged into the device. The device needs to be registered in the US for first time use. Subscription fee: $20 per month.

b.) Gino then sends the device to the Philippines where Cram plugs in the device to their local area network. Now Cram has a Voice-over-Internet telephone in the Philippines that has a US telephone number.

c.) Cram can make unlimited phone calls to any US and Canada number. Cram can also receive unlimited phone calls from any US/Canada number. That’s how Gino and Cram keep in touch over land and overseas …. (Vol – tes – payb!)

d.) Lastly, Cram provides calling services to patrons of their Internet shop. They charge Php5 per minute for calls to US and Canada. This is half the price of the common 20 US cents (around Php10) for IDD calls by telcos.

This saved Gino a lot of dollars! They used to spend as much as $300 per month on call cards with a limited number of hours on the phone. Now they get unlimited call hours, any time of the day for $20. Kewl, huh?

If you or some relatives are in the US or Canada, you can do the same. Visit . I heard Vonage has a similar service too. Try them out.

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