VOIPinoy.com is a Filipino company based in the US. VoiPinoy.com provides a service that allows unlimited calls to the Philippines (inbound) or from the Philippines (outbound). The service can be used with telephones, mobile phones, Personal Computers (PC) or even payphones depending on the package and the country called.


It’s an exciting and innovative service that gives OFWs a new way of making international calls. It leverages the unlimited calls of Sun Cellular. Now, let’s go through their service menu…

Call from Abroad to the Philippines: Phone Abroad to PC
Use any regular phone abroad for unlimited calls to your PC in the Philippines

The OFW will be issued a local access number in the foreign country (see list of countries supported). Software will be installed in the PC of the OFW family. When the OFW dials the access number, the PC in the Philippines will ring! Answer and talk unlimited. Wow, that’s convenient!

This package also gives the OFW Family 100 minutes of free calls from the PC to other countries (only in countries supported). This can even be installed in more than one computer. Ideal for OFW families in different locations (Nanay sa probinsya, anak sa manila, tatay sa saudi).

Cost: PhP3,830 or US$89 (4 months only)

Unlimited Calls Abroad to Philippines
Use any telephone, mobile phone or payphone abroad to call any Metro Manila telephone or 0922/0923 mobile phone.

The OFW will be given a local access number in the foreign country. When they call the number, an operator will connect them to any telephone in manila or any 0922/0923 mobile phone.

This is just like the old times where International calls were routed through operator. This service obviously takes advantage of the Sun Cellular network’s unlimited calls.

The OFW family using a 0922/0923 cell number can also call the OFW. VOIPinoy will issue the OFW their own personal 0922 number. Wow! If the OFW is calling from the USA, they can connect to up to 3 landline numbers in Manila. Ayos!

Cost: PhP2,000 or US$49 monthly

Unlimited Calls Philippines to Abroad
In this package, the OFW’s number abroad will be connected to a regular Philippines mobile number. The OFW family calls the assigned Philippine mobile number and the OFW’s phone abroad will ring. OFW answers and gets unlimited talk time.

Package1: Receive 500 minutes of calls
(PhP700 or US$18) monthly
Package2: Receive 1,000 minutes of calls
(PhP1,000 or US$25) monthly
Package3: Receive Unlimited calls
(PhP1,800 or US$45) monthly


Call VoiPinoy now for an Absolutely FREE Trial
Try us NOW, NO commitments whatsoever!

• Use any regular phones in USA or Philippines to call
• No need to purchase new phones or any equipments
• No need to use computer or internet to call
• No Sign-up Fee required
• One (1) month subscription allowed
• No Contracts
• Worry Free fixed monthly flat-rate
• Secured and Encrypted Payment System
• You can cancel anytime

Free OFW services

VoiPinoy offers free unlimited phone calls to some affiliate businesses in the Philippines (legal consultation, web development, derma consultation). The OFW can call any of VoiPinoy hotlines in the US, Canada, UK or Manila and they get unlimited consultation time.

Payment methods

Payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Xoom, BDO, BPI

eOFW.Net’s thoughts

It’s a rather innovative service. VOIPinoy.com leverages the unlimited calls of the Sun Cellular network. For some of the packages, VOIPinoy.com also use operators who manually connect phone calls.

I wonder how good the operator assisted service is – it’s been a very long time since I last used operator assistance to call a number.

One aspect of the service that may cause some headaches is the less than perfect service of Sun Cellular. Depending on the time of day and location, Sun Cellular will have some weak or zero signals in some areas in the Philippines or even dropped calls every so often. I use Sun Cellular in the Philippines and have come to accept dropped calls as part of the deal. This is the service we get for such an affordable service of unlimited calls.

If an OFW Family is already using Sun Cellular for their calls within the Philippines, then they are more likely to enjoy the services of VoiPinoy.com .

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